Friday, January 25, 2008

Says withdraw charge from ‘tainted’ officers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 24
Karan Singh Dalal, petitioner in the infamous recruitment scandal of HCS officers by the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) during the previous Om Prakash Chautala-led regime, today said the state government must withdraw charge from these officers in view of the report submitted in the court today by a team of lawyers after examining HPSC records relating to the selection.

Dalal, who was an opposition MLA at the time of the selection of these candidates, had leaked out the results to the press even before it was formally announced, and had alleged malpractices in the selection process. He had also held a demonstration in front of the HPSC office in Chandigarh in protest against the selection of the 67 candidates for HCS (executive branch).

Dalal, who is now an MLA of the ruling Congress and chairman of the commission on administrative reforms set up by the state government, said the revelations contained in the report had put a question mark on all appointments done through the HPSC during the Om Prakash Chautala era.

He said Hardeep Singh, who was secretary of the HPSC when the alleged scam took place, should also be prosecuted for his role in the irregularities in the selection process.

When it was pointed out to Dalal that some of the candidates selected at that time had been given plump postings by the present regime, Dalal said this was akin to fattening a lamb before slaughtering it.

He said he would raise in the Assembly the demand of withdrawing charge from the HCS officers whose selection process had come under cloud.

The MLA, credited with exposing many a scandal during the Chautala era, said examination of the records had shown that bright women candidates were the worst victims of the pick-and-choose policy of HCS selection by the HPSC in 2002.

He said the HPSC had also discriminated against the Dalits. A particular Dalit boy, who did well enough in the exam to get selected in the unreserved category, was selected under the SC quota, thereby depriving some other Dalit aspirant from benefiting from the vacancy reserved for Dalits

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